Tap into an incredible global market opportunity with our gift registry solutions. The global gift registry market is estimated to be $60bn annually. Your loyal customers shop at your store on a daily basis, but when it comes to their milestone life events, they require a convenient and modern Gift Registry experience.

We’re changing the game. With a simple integration and a fully branded end-to-end gift registry, you can now take part in this huge market. Increase sales, acquire new users, and significantly enhance your customer life value.

Daura Vanderbilt is reinventing the online gifting experience. Our innovative gifting solutions help retailers increase the volume and profitability of their gifting sales by making gifting meaningful, easy and accessible for consumers.

About Daura Vanderbilt

Daura Vanderbilt Digital Commerce is a  market leading Tech Company that focuses on delivering solutions that sell digital and physical goods online.

Our focus lies on the customer’s experience, our goal is to ensure that our clients’ customers have safe and pleasant user journeys on their phone, tablet or PC.

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